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newcomers, pacific ocean

Fic Index: Newcomers

Title: Newcomers
Rating: Varies PG-R (mostly for language - it's the Marines, I can't stop them swearing)
Characters: OCs, Team, Lorne, etc, etc...
Disclaimer: Not mine (except the mistakes, and the newcomers themselves), no harm meant.
Summary: Returning to the Pegasus Galaxy, the Atlantis Expedition is growing. This means new scientists, new soldiers - and new problems.

All the stories about my OC team, AR-27, are tagged with 'newcomers', but I'm posting an index, not least so that I can keep track of them.

AR-27, one of Atlantis' newest reconnaissance teams, has more to prove than any other - to themselves as much as the rest of the expedition. They're led by Captain Anna-Maria Rodriguez, who only joined the Stargate program because it's the only way she could keep flying, and now she's trekking through Pegasus dirt like any goddamn grunt. The team's scientist, Dr Nate Gibson, is a high-flying Cambridge graduate, but he's finding himself increasingly out of his depth in a galaxy that seems hell-bent on killing them. Tom Wright is nineteen, and he was pulled out of his squad in Afghanistan and dragged to a different galaxy because of a genetic quirk that does things he has no control over. Royal Marine Commando Mark Collins is a long-serving SGC veteran, but it's only in the Pegasus Galaxy that the strain of his years of service are starting to show.

The thing is, they're a team.

The Making of AR-27

Thomas Wright, USMC
This is not his daddy's momma's Marine Corps.

The Boy
Teyla makes a point of meeting each new arrival, and while she does not always remember every name, she can almost always tell whether they will stay in Atlantis.

Nathaniel Gibson, PhD
He's not a genius, and sometimes he wonders how he got here.

The Cambridge Grad
Rodney needs scientists who can understand things with their hands as well as their heads.

Mark Collins, Royal Marines
They offer him the Atlantis mission three times.

The Sensei of Govanhill
Ronon always has an eye open for new fighting techniques.

Captain Anna-Maria Rodriguez, USAF
She just wants to fly.

The Dark-Eyed Girl
John remembers Rodriguez as a dark-eyed girl who only needed three drinks before she started insulting a senior officer about his choice of aircraft.

Situation Normal
The beginnings of a gate team are not always auspicious.

It's about the blood split, not on a distant world by an unknown enemy, but in this room. It's about Collins, and Rodriguez, and Wright, and Gibson.


Something like M8L-554 doesn't just go away, but the consequences are not always expected.
(One week after the incident on M8L-554)

And now I can actually send them out into the Pegasus Galaxy...

Day in the life of AR-27

Dawn comes too early, sleep too late.
(Just a small moment between Rodriguez and Collins as AR-27 find their feet in Pegasus)

Another mission, another half-functioning Ancient outpost, another day in the life

Afternoon Tea
This isn't really where Nate thought he'd be ten years after completing his PhD

Another mission, another Unscheduled Off-world Activation, another day in the life.

Sometimes this goes better than other times:

Out with the old
New Year in the Pegasus Galaxy for AR-1 and -27, and of course, nothing goes to plan.

Things that turn out not to be true about AR-27
(I started with a few basic assumptions about my newcomers which gradually turned out not to be true. An occasional series.)

John's gotten used to AR-27 not dialling in on time.

Rodney isn't good with names.


State of Mind
There's a reason Evan Lorne spent two years with the SGC's Engineer Corps before he went to Atlantis.
(Set some years before Lorne joins the Atlantis expedition, but I'm disinclined to let you read it any time before Situation Normal / AR-27) (So there.)

Janel's story

The City is an Island
Whether she believes the stories or not, Janel never expected to cross paths with the Lanteans. Injured and evacuated to the City of the Ancestors, she finds the newcomers very different from her expectations.
(Written for the sga_flashfic h\c challenge, but also a Newcomers story - I'm working on persuading Janel to stay...)

Wraith and Rings
This is the simplest story that those who travel the rings now tell. The Wraith came, and we ran, and everyone else died.
(Written for the sga_flashfic AMTDI challenge, the prequel to 'The City is an Island' - Janel's fractured journey from the Five Towns to the City)

Janel Ettesdotter Medicat
All Janel wants to do is get out of the city.

The Stray
They're so busy persuading Richard to let her stay, they seem to have forgotten what she wants.

Five Callings
Bad decisions. Close calls. Unknown enemies. Uncertain friends. Welcome to Pegasus.

Medic, Soldier, Traitor, Coward, Leader

Anna-Maria has been holding herself up by a thread since Ushant and Ordan - and the person who's there to see her fall is not a friend.

Favours the Atlantis senior staff are going to regret doing for AR-27

No Cost Option
Lorne has to clarify a few things for Mark Collins

Deleted scenes
#1: Ronon's initial pov of Nate Gibson: Sheppard makes the scientists train
#2: Ronon's initial pov of Rodriguez: Ronon can't tell if it's true that Rodriguez is as good a pilot as Sheppard.
(I was going to write Ronon's pov to cover the whole team and post it after Situation Normal, but I decided that was just me being too cliffhanger happy :)

#3: From Five Callings: Teyla, Janel & Mark on Ordan

Paradigm Shift
This little series is - silly, basically, and is only really a Newcomers story because it features a clueless young marine, and I couldn't be bothered working out a different name, so I called him Tom Wright, and carried over incidental character points between the two stories.
It's McShep, and Keller/Wright, so I'm trying to think of it as an AU, because I want to keep the Newcomers gen*.

Paradigm Shift
How did a sweet kid like Keller turn John into such a-

Three Weeks Later
Three weeks later, Sheppard finds Wright waiting in his office.

Served Cold
Tom Wright is having a bad year.

*I'm failing miserably at this, even without my inability to keep away from the McShep, and the Lorne/Parrish that keeps dropping in my path for no apparent reason (Who am I kidding? I can ship Lorne with pretty much anyone, at any time. All the time, even). I was slashing Rodriguez & Gibson like crazy until I realised Rodriguez was a girl and it was never going to work out, and then I was all about the Rodriguez/Collins UST, but then Collins started calling Wright 'Tommy', and now I don't know what to think, because I still find Keller/Wright adorable as well as McShep enabling. If they ever encounter sex pollen, it is going to get complicated. And that's without the gratuitous Ancient genderswapping device on M2F-369 (It's not the first time Mark's been turned into a woman).

So, yeah, trying to keep it gen.



Wow, that's service!

(It appeals to my tidy mind - Indexes! Formatting!)
Well... I'd like to see some more Rodriguez/Collins UST because I think they'd be amazing, even if it continues unresolved for a long time ;) And maybe... a little Rodriguez/Collins h/c? Yes? Please?
She might even call him 'Mark'...
You'd make me such a happy little shipper then ;)

(And you always make me want to continue my own OC SG series...)
You should - the galaxy needs populating :)

(What was it Jack said in the last SGU - they've sent hundreds of teams through the gate? That's a whole lot of dysfunctional right there :)
My thoughts exactly ;) Only I have this deadline for my Fanfic100 claim which is December 13th and my beta is mostly working on the last batch of Fanfic100 stories... *sighs But I have this plan to bring the already existing stories over to LJ once the first one is properly betaed.

(Yep, that's about what I thought... it's such a wonderful universe for thoroughly messed up characters of all kinds :D)
Thanks for this!

Julia, with full intention to someday label all my photography posts. Yeah, right.
No problem :)

(I don't envy you that - I recently (finally) got myself a digital camera - I barely use it and already the folders are out of control :(
Excellent series. Thank you.

One of the best things in your Newcomers series is that it is gen. Thought, now than US finally fixed that embrassing discriminating regulation and considering this is a post-series story, I don't mind some romance as long as it doesn't go to ridiculous "everybody is gay".

Any hope for more stories in this AU? Or even just more SGA stories?

Thanks for your lovely comments - I'm so embarrassed it's taken me so long to get back to you! I'm glad you enjoyed the Newcomers :)

I do hope to get back into writing - RL has been getting in the way, but I've still got stories I want to tell in the SGA 'verse.